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50D Two-way Elasticity Polyester Interlining series SD4051

50D Two-way Elasticity Polyester Interlining series SD4051

Product Specification:

50D: SD4051 Hot melt adhesive is full of dense distribution and high viscosity. The product has two-way elasticity and recovery, and the fabric is widely applicable. Under the premise of ensuring hanging performance and hand feeling, and size stability, it increases comfort, and moving ability making the clothing more preserved, thin, and soft, and can maintain the texture of the high elasticity fabric.
Pressed and glued th ctory shape.
Material: The interlining is made of 50D (denier) polyester.
Adhesive Type: The adhesive used in this interlining is hot melt adhesive, which is known for its high viscosity and dense distribution.
Elasticity: The interlining has two-way elasticity, which means it can stretch in both horizontal and vertical directions. This elasticity allows for better flexibility and comfort in clothing.
Recovery: It is mentioned that the product has good recovery, which means it can return to its original shape after being stretched or deformed. This feature is important for maintaining the shape of the clothing.
Fabric Compatibility: The interlining is suitable for a wide range of fabrics. It can be used with different types of materials while maintaining its properties.
Performance: The interlining is designed to ensure good hanging performance, a comfortable hand feel, and size stability. This is essential for the overall quality of the clothing it's used in.
Comfort: The product is said to increase comfort and enhance the ability to move in the clothing. This can make the clothing feel more comfortable and easy to wear.
Thin and Soft: The interlining helps in making clothing thinner and softer. This is beneficial for achieving a certain texture and comfort in garments.
Preservation of Texture: It's noted that the product can maintain the texture of high elasticity fabric. This is important for retaining the original look and feel of the fabric in the final garment.

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