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150-170g/㎡ Automobile fabric QGB75130

150-170g/㎡ Automobile fabric QGB75130

Product Specification:

Automobile fabric: QGB75130 double-side cloth width of 151cm, thickness 0.58 ± 0.03mm, weight 150-170g/㎡
surface flat, single structure, strong regularity, uniform physicality, good breathability, mostly used for car seats, door panels, dashboards, etc.  The product mainly serves the Volkswagen, Mercedes -Benz, and BMW of Germany. Japanese Toyota, domestic BYD, Great Wall, Red Banner.
Pressed and glued th ctory shape.
Appearance: The fabric has a flat surface, and it is of a single structure, meaning it doesn't have multiple layers or complex weaving. This contributes to its regularity and uniform physical characteristics.
Breathability: It has good breathability, which is essential for automotive interiors to ensure comfort for the passengers.
Primary Applications: This fabric is mostly used for car seats, door panels, and dashboards, suggesting that it is well-suited for upholstery and interior trims.
Targeted Automotive Brands:
German Brands: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW
Japanese Brand: Toyota
Domestic Brands: BYD, Great Wall, Red Banner
Given the weight and uniformity of this fabric, it should provide durability while still being comfortable for use in car interiors.

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Qidong Qianfan New Materials Co., Ltd. is China 150-170g/㎡ Automobile fabric QGB75130 Suppliers and 150-170g/㎡ Automobile fabric QGB75130 company, is located in the Binjiang Fine Chemical Park of Jiangsu Qidong Economic Development Zone, located in the back garden of Shanghai. It is only an hour's drive from the center of Shanghai and has a unique geographical location. The registered capital of the company is 60 million yuan, covering an area of 100 acres, with a total construction area of 28268 square meters and a total investment of 258 million yuan. It was completed and put into operation in September 2012. The company has developed from initial printing and dyeing processing to a comprehensive textile production enterprise that integrates texturing, weaving, printing and dyeing, shaping, and coating. And it has become one of the top five domestic lining fabric production enterprises of the same type and is a member unit of the Lining Material Branch of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association. In recent years, the company has been committed to developing new automotive interior textile materials and functional composite fabric substrates. The company's main products include four-sided elastic lining fabric and grey fabric, water-sprayed spinning lining fabric and grey fabric, warp knitted lining fabric, functional composite fabric base fabric, and automotive interior textile materials for different purposes of textiles.

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